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Floorcloth Photo: Victoriana-cf2

Floorcloth Construction Details This floorcloth was commissioned clients in Olney, Maryland. This floorcloth measures 6’ 2” x 9’ 10” and resides in a Living Room, pictured below. The design is based on Victoriana in our Next Collection with the colors modified to a palette that compliments the wall paper in the Living Room. The size was also adjusted, resulting in a different medallion treatment. This floorcloth is similar to Victoriana cf1 in size and background color, but the colors of each are a perfect compliment to their respective rooms.

The background color is Corinthian White. The motif and border colors are Black, Burgundy, custom gold and custom green.

This floorcloth design is priced at $40/square foot.

Corner View

Motif View

Motif View

Motif View

Motif View

In Situ