Gracewood Design: Elegant floorcloths and Canvas Rugs
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Welcome to Gracewood Design

We offer unique, custom floor treatments that will add style, beauty and elegance to your environment. Our design portfolio is extensive, incorporating authentic motifs from Early American through Victorian, Arts & Crafts, Art Deco and contemporary design eras. Our designs are sourced and created in house.

Floorcloths/Canvas Rugs

Floorcloths/Canvas Rugs The artistry, quality and durability of our floorcloths are unrivaled. We have improved upon old-time construction techniques for floorcloths, adding both comfort and durability. We specialize in custom floorcloths tailor made to enhance each client’s decor. This site contains more than 400 examples of our floorcloths.

Decorated Floors and Surfaces

Decorated Floors We also apply our designs directly to hard wood and concrete surfaces using painting and staining techniques.

Projects, Specials, and News

Latest News We work on many interesting projects and our customers provide unique challenges all the time, which we chronicle here. We announce specials and interesting news about us or relating to floor coverings and decoration here as well.

Please contact us to learn more.

Traditional American Crafts Gracewood Design is recognized as one of America’s top floorcloth makers by Early American Life magazine, and is the only floorcloth maker to be listed in their Directory of Traditional American Crafts every year for the past decade.

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