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Floorcloth FAQs

  1. How are your floorcloths priced?
    Most of our floorcloths are priced at between $30 and $40/square foot depending on pattern complexity. A few of our most complex designs are charged at rates of up to $50/sf. All floorcloths in the Early American and Next Collections are priced. To see pricing, click on the thumbnail photo of the floorcloth you are interested in. In order to determine the square foot cost, multiple the length and width sizes provided and divide into the price. Any size version of that particular design will be priced in accordance to its square foot cost.

  2. Why are your floorcloths more expensive than some others I have looked at?
    All floorcloths are not created equal. You will find floorcloths that are both substantially cheaper and substantially more expensive than ours through the internet and at some retailers. We endeavor to make the finest floorcloths available anywhere. Our floorcloths are distinguished by their quality in terms of materials, design, stenciling expertise and the double backing we apply. We have two backing options, either layer of cork or a combination of carpet padding covered with vinyl fabric. The backing provides cushion underfoot, causes the floorcloth to stay in place on the floor and extends its durability. Our floorcloths are heirloom quality and should last decades if properly cared for.

  3. How do I care for my floorcloth?
    Floorcloths should be cleaned regularly to prevent dirt build up and surface abrasion. The floorcloth can be swept or vacuumed and then washed with a non abrasive cleanser using a sponge or mop. Several times a year after cleaning your floorcloth you may want to apply a paste wax (we use Butcher’s Bowling Alley Wax) to further protect the floorcloth surface. Floorcloths are best suited for a hard surface floors such as wood, concrete, linoleum or tile. Floorcloths should not be placed on carpets as surface cracks may develop over time due to the weight of foot traffic and furniture on the relatively soft carpet base.

  4. How durable are your floorcloths?
    Our floorcloths are extremely durable. We start with a heavy grade canvas, and apply a total of two layers of acrylic gesso and three or four layers of superior grade latex paint to the topside of the canvas and one layer of gesso to the backside. The floorcloth is hemmed using strong glue, and the corners are mitered. After applying the design, we apply four or five coats of water-based polyurethane and a coat of hard paste wax. Our floorcloths have a double backing as described in 2., above. This material and process-intensive construction results in an extremely well made, very durable floor covering that should last decades with proper care.

  5. What type of canvas do you use?
    We use a very high quality cotton duck in various weights depending on the size of the floorcloth and the nature of the project. For floorcloths less than 6.5’ wide, we generally use #8 cotton duck, which weighs 18oz per square yard. For floorcloths 6.5’ - 9.5’ wide, we generally use #4 cotton duck, which weighs 24oz per square yard. For floorcloths that are 9.5 - 11.5’ wide, we use #10 cotton duck which weighs 14oz per square yard. Unlike other floorcloth makers, our floorcloths are backed with a layer of carpet padding which is then covered by a layer of waterproof vinyl that is adhered to the back hem of the floorcloth. This construction results in a heavy, highly durable floorcloth that lies very flat and wears beautifully.

    We use cotton duck #4 (24.5oz per square yard) for projects that dont employ our backing process, e.g. wall to wall installations.

  6. What is the delivery timeframe once I place my order?
    Generally, it takes us three weeks to produce a floorcloth and shipping generally takes one week. However, if we have a large backlog, our production interval can be longer. For orders placed through the site, we will respond immediately with an estimated ship date. If you want to place a custom order, or obtain order interval timeframes before you place your order, please contact us.

  7. Can I specify size and colors?
    Yes. All of our floorcloths are made to order, so you can have us make a replica of what you see on the site from a color and size standpoint, or choose your color and size parameters. We use the Benjamin Moore color chart as our color reference guide and you can specify both background and pattern colors using Benjamin Moore colors. We use Jo Sonja paints for pattern colors, which we can mix to emulate Benjamin Moore colors, or you can download the Jo Sonja color chart and use it to specify pattern colors.

  8. How do I move a floorcloth from one room to another?
    If your floorcloth is too large to be easily carried without bending, roll it on a tube with a minimum six inch diameter, with a person carrying each end of the tube. The floorcloth should be rolled, paint site out, and unrolled such that the top side of the floorcloth is facing up.

  9. How do I store a floorcloth?
    It is best to store floorcloths flat. If this is not practical, they can be rolled, paint side out, on a plastic or card board tube with an eight inch or larger diameter. They can be secured with painters tape, or first wrapped in paper to protect the outer surface.

  10. Do you ship internationally? Yes, we ship all over the world and currently have floorcloths installed in 17 countries. We use FedEx and DHL for international shipments, or will use your carrier/account.