Gracewood Design: Elegant floorcloths and Canvas Rugs
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We price most of our floorcloths at $35-$40/square foot, with some of our simpler designs priced at $30/square foot. We have recently augmented our Batik Collection and the prices on newer pieces average $48/square foot, due to the complexity of these designs and the additional time it takes to make them. A few other, very complex designs are charged at rates of up to $50/sf.

Please visit our construction page to learn how we make our floorcloths — they are unlike others you will find anywhere. Our goal is to make the best quality, most beautifully designed canvas rugs available. We have researched floorcloth making techniques and experimented with many different mediums and construction methods to arrive at what we believe to be the optimal process for creating canvas rugs that are an evolved version of floorcloths. Our integrated backing, and our priming and sealing techniques create a beautiful, durable finished product.