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Floorcloth / Canvas Rug Collections

Gracewood Design’s mission is to restore the popularity of floorcloths / canvas rugs as a beautiful, practical and durable alternative to area rugs. Floorcloths were initially created in Europe in the fourteen hundreds; by the seventeen and eighteen hundreds they had become popular in America. Often made from the canvases of ripped sails, floorcloths were traditionally used in place of rugs. In the late 1800’s linoleum began to replace floorcloths as the most common floor covering; by the early 1900’s the floorcloth was all but extinct.

The common use of hardwood flooring in homes in the US today creates the perfect environment for a floorcloth renaissance. Floorcloths protect hardwood floors, provide a soft standing surface and a lovely decorative accent to any room. Floorcloths provide a smooth, easily cleaned surface which makes them ideal for placement in an entry way, under the dining room table, in front of the kitchen sink or stove and anywhere else that could benefit from a unique accent rug. Floorcloths can also be used as wall hangings and as table coverings, protecting table surfaces and acting as a replacement for place mats or table cloths.

Gracewood Design has an extensive portfolio of floorcloth designs. Our Early American Collection offers a vast array of floorcloths based on patterns found in historic New England homes. Through pattern and color combinations, a wide range of styles are achieved. Our Next Collection is inspired by a variety of influences including Indonesian batik work; geometric shapes and patterns; Victorian; Arts & Crafts and other design themes. The Custom Floorcloth / Canvas Rug Gallery shows selected examples of some of the larger custom floorcloth work we have done for clients. Museum Floorcloths includes floorcloths we have made for historic sites and museums.

Please note that our portfolio is comprised entirely of photographs of our floorcloths—not computer renderings.

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Traditional American Crafts

Gracewood Design is recognized as one of America’s top floorcloth makers by Early American Life magazine, and has been included in their Directory of Traditional American Crafts since 2006.