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Our portfolio includes an ever expanding, wide array of designs and styles. We have an extensive portfolio of authentic Early American designs (1740 - 1840), a growing collection of Victorian through Arts & Crafts and Art Deco era designs (1840-1940), and contemporary designs. We both source our patterns and create many in house using inspiration from fabric patterns, books and magazines. We also collaborate with our customers on designs which they suggest, or we suggest based on pictures of their décor, upholstery, paint swatches and the like.

Painted floors preceded floorcloths in the US, and as floorcloths took hold the designs that had been painted directly on floors found their way onto floorcloths. Our Early American collection is based on patterns found painted on floors in historic New England homes. These patterns were chronicled by Esther Stevens Brazer, an avid researcher of 19th century decorative designs. MB Historic Décor offers a line of stencils based on Brazer’s work which were used in making most of the floorcloths in this collection.

These designs are the finest examples of early American folk art representing many different themes including lacy floral borders, lovely medallions and a variety of geometric designs. Depending on the colors used, they suit a range of styles appropriate for traditional to modern interiors.

Our Victorian/ Arts & Crafts/Art Deco Collection is partly based on stencils created by Alfred Rasmussen, reflecting design influences from 1840-1940. Mr. Rasmussen immigrated to the US from Denmark in 1900 and stenciled homes, public buildings, churches and banks in the Boston area. These stencils were primarily used on walls. The collection includes Victorian foliage designs, geometrics, fleur de lis, oriental influences and Gothic arches up to and including the Arts & Crafts and Art Deco movements.

Our Contemporary/Geometric Collection is primarily made up of bold, highly colorful geometric patterns. We explore three dimensional effects in this collection, creating a sense of depth as well as a changing view depending on the angle from which the rug is viewed and lighting conditions.

Our Batik Collection is based on the Rudolf G. Smend Batik Collection which is comprised primarily of textiles produced between 1880 and 1930 in Java, Indonesia. The choice of colors and the marriage of geometric and floral motifs provide the inspiration for this series.

Our Custom Gallery shows many examples of collaboration with clients. In some cases, a floorcloth from one of our collections has been used as the basis for a new piece, with size modified to meet our client’s needs and colors modified to match room appointments such as upholstery fabric, wall paper or wall color. In other cases, clients have provided fabric, wallpaper or a picture from a book or magazine as the basis for a new design that we create.