Gracewood Design: Elegant floorcloths and Canvas Rugs
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Welcome to Gracewood Design

We offer unique, custom floor treatments that will add style, beauty and elegance to your environment. Our portfolio is extensive, incorporating authentic motifs from Early American through Victorian, Art Deco, and modern design eras.

The artistry, quality and durability of our floorcloths are unrivaled. We have improved upon old-time construction techniques for floorcloths, adding both comfort and durability, while appearing traditional in every way.

What We Do — Products and Services

Floorcloths/Canvas Rugs: We specialize in floorcloths custom-made to enhance each client’s decor. More than 150 examples of our floorcloths illustrate the range of designs and colors available.

Hand Painted Floors: Gracewood Design applies designs directly to hardwood floors, producing a dramatic and unique design statement.

Decorated Concrete: Gracewood Design’s portfolio can be applied to concrete surfaces, using patented techniques that transform concrete into a decorative force.

Please contact us to learn more about how we can work with you to create a unique accent for your home or office.