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Early American Floorcloth Collection

The floorcloths / canvas rugs in the Early American Collection are based on patterns found painted on floors in historic New England homes*. These patterns were chronicled by Esther Stevens Brazer, an avid researcher of 19th century decorative designs. MB Historic Decor offers a line of stencils based on Brazer’s work which were used in making the floorcloths in this collection. (*The exception to this are the last three series in this collection, the Eugene Field Floorcloths, Hay House Floorcloths and Eidsvoll Floorcloth, all based on patterns made for museums.)

These designs are the finest examples of early American folk art representing many different themes including lacy floral borders, lovely medallions and a variety of geometric designs. Depending on the colors used, they suit a range of styles appropriate for traditional to modern interiors.

This collection is organized based on the house name (if known) or town where the pattern was originally found, and each floorcloth inspired by the house design(s) is given a number. We use Benjamin Moore paints for the background colors and Jo Sonja stencil paints for border and motif colors (click here to download a PDF of Jo Sonja’s Color Chart).

This collection is intended to convey the style variations that can be achieved by these designs through pattern combination and color use. Most examples are either 2′ x 3′ or 3′ x 4′ in size. Any of these designs can be used to make floorcloths of any size or applied directly to floor surfaces.

To see larger and additional photographs of these floorcloths as well as price, size and color information, click on the thumbnail photo. Please note that the relative size of the thumbnail is not indicative of the size of the floorcloth (larger floorcloths generally have smaller thumbnails.)

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