Gracewood Design: Elegant floorcloths and Canvas Rugs
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Victorian/Arts & Crafts/Deco Floorcloths

The floorcloths in this series are a mix of our own designs and stencil designs created by Alfred Rasmussen, reflecting design influences from 1850 – 1940. Mr. Rasmussen immigrated to the US from Denmark in 1900 and stenciled homes, public buildings, churches and banks in the Boston area. These stencils, primarily used on walls, were acquired by MB Historic Decor. The collection includes Victorian foliage designs, geometrics, fleur de lis, oriental influences and Gothic arches up to and including the Art Deco movement.

Our designs are influenced by sources such as textiles, ceiling tiles, wallpaper etc.

To see larger and additional photographs of these floorcloths / canvas rugs as well as size and color information, click on the thumbnail photo. Please note that the relative size of the thumbnail is not indicative of the size of the floorcloth (larger floorcloths generally have smaller thumbnails.)

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