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Edward Cutler

Floorcloth Construction Details This floorcloth was commissioned by the owners of a restored Bed & Breakfast called the Schoolmaster’s House c.1818 in Niagra-on-the-Lake in Ontario, Canada. The floorcloth measures 2’ 10” × 3’ 8” and resides in an entryway. The design is based on floor patterns found painted on the floor of the historic Edward Cutler House in Warren, Rhode Island.

The colors used are Dorset Gold for the background; Carbon Black, Rich Gold and Pale Gold for the Border; and Rich and Pale Gold for the center.

The client chose this design and color scheme after viewing Edward Cutler #4 in our Early American Collection. The size was modified to better fit the space in which the floorcloth is installed.

This design is priced at $40 per square foot.

Corner View

Motif View

Motif View

Motif View

In Situ