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Gracewood Design Desk Pads

Recently, one of our computers failed and we decided to replace it with an iPad. We removed the monitor and attending paraphernalia, like speakers, from the desk on which it sat, and all of the boxes and wires that sat beneath the desk, and were left with a clear working space. Granted, one of the beauties of the iPad is that it can be comfortably used in many non-office locations, but we envisioned times when we would want to treat it like a desk- or laptop and use it at a desk.

Our other computer is an iMac with a wireless keyboard and mouse. I do all of my office work here, and often need to grab a magazine or printer paper to use as a base for writing checks and the like, to protect the desk. More frequently than a doctor would recommend, there is a cup of coffee on a coaster sitting next to my iMac.

We considered getting standard desk pads to protect both desks and provide a writing surface, mouse pad and coaster functionality. We found our options were both pretty boring and quite expensive, so we decided to make our own.

Here are the two we created for ourselves:

iGarden Desk Pad

iGarden Desk Pad
15” x 28”

iGarden In Situ

iGarden, in situ
The palette for this Desk Pad was chosen based on the red walls, and red, blues and greens in the rug.

Grass Skirt Desk Pad

Grass Skirt Desk Pad
17” x 26”

Grass Skirt, In Situ

Grass Skirt, in situ
The palette for this Desk Pad was chosen to pick up on some of the colors in the lovely oil painting of Sauvie Island by local Portland artist, John Macnab.

The beauty of our Desk Pads is that they can be customized to perfectly fit your desk top, covering just the area you want to work on and protect, and infinite possibilities exist for pattern and palette. No more plain, boring blotters. Our Desk Pads are made in exactly the same manner as our floorcloths. They are impervious to spills, and are made to withstand much more wear than you can possibly subject them to on a desk. Our rates are about $40/square foot for existing patterns (many of the smaller motifs in our extensive floorcloth portfolio can be adapted for desk pads). We charge an additional fee for creating new patterns that is pattern dependent. Palettes requiring paint we do not have in stock may result in additional charges.

Contact us if you would like to discuss a custom desk pad.