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Isaac Buck cf8

Floorcloth Construction Details This is one of a pair of two slightly differently sized floorcloths made for a client in Garrison, New York. The pair cover two traffic areas in the kitchen and measure 38” x 82” and 43” x 67”. The pattern is based on Creamsicle in our Contemporary/Geopmetric Series, with the pattern colors modified to work with the palette of the kitchen and surrounding rooms. We used the classic interlocking circle pattern found painted on the floor of the historic Isaac Buck House in Hanover, New Hampshire for the floorcloth center. As we have done frequently with this pattern, we did an offset overlay of pattern in a sheer, micaceous paint, which gives the impression of depth and creates a three color palette in the center of the rug. The border pattern is a lovely compliment to the center.

The background color is Harvest Time and the pattern colors are a Dill Weed and custom gold.

This design is priced at $38 per square foot.

The floorcloths are shown below, in situ, and as with most dogs, Lucy is a fan.

Corner View

Motif View

In Situ