Gracewood Design: Elegant floorcloths and Canvas Rugs
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Floorcloth Construction Details Mostly, we use stencils to create our floorcloth patterns. This is both because we are good at making and using stencils - that is, able to get results that would be less good if we were to free hand the design, and because once we have created the stencil it is easier to reproduce the piece (though it can still be surprisingly challenging to make a complicated floorcloth again and again, particularly if any variables change, which they usually do.) Sometimes, we get requests for designs that simply don’t lend themselves to stencils, as was the case with this floorcloth, based on a rug image.

We drew the design on a neutrally painted background and then taped off each section and painted multiple times to get the appropriate depth of color. The floorcloth has nine C2 paint colors chosen by the decorator to approximate the rug palette. This floorcloth measures 4’ x 8’.

Here is the rug image: Rug Image

Corner View

Corner View

In Situ