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Master a Modern Aesthetic with Classic Floorcloths

Many people struggle with the design challenge of creating a stylish home interior with the right furnishings and décor, but few people consider the impact of a colorful and artistic flooring. Floorcloths are a great choice for adding vibrancy and beauty into the home. Originally created from recycled sails from ships, floorcloths became popular as a decorative statement and were often used to cover dirt or wooden floors in early American homes. Nowadays, floorcloths serve many purposes as they act as a way to infuse artistic appeal and interest to simple surfaces as well as creating a durable and easy way to keep floors clean. Floorcloths provide a barrier from leaky floorboards as well as protecting against spills. Often regarded as colorful works of art, floorcloths are a chic addition to any room in the house.

Here are some tips for decorating with these fashionable floor treatments:
Dressing up a kitchen is easy with an exquisitely argyle patterned floorcloth. Ideal for hardwood floors or any surface, this rich and elegant floorcloth is a mesmerizing statement piece.

Deco Runner
A deco hall runner with a stencil sun motif adds a trendy touch to a long hallway. By putting a stylish spin on a traditional hallway, this runner is ideal for anyone seeking comfort and charm.
Sun Room Floorcloth
A hibiscus floorcloth lends a bright and modern flair to a greenroom space. Perfect for catching crumbs and preventing drink spills from soaking into floorboards, this orange and yellow cloth will become a family favorite for years to come.

Stair Floorcloth
An ornate floorcloth works perfectly in a small space or powder room. Pale gold and green shades make this cloth work as both a surface protector and a piece of sophisticated artwork.
Paynes Vicado
A regal floorcloth is a perfect addition to any dining room. With an assortment of blue shades, this beautiful and intricate floorcloth adds serious pizzazz.
A contemporary kitchen gets a burst of blue and yellow with a sink side floorcloth. Both functional and fashionable, this floorcloth works as a fresh addition to any chef’s den.
Guest Post By Amy Spagnola for LuxeDecor.