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Pittock Mansion

This floorcloth was commissioned for the maid’s bathroom (now the staff bathroom) at the Pittock Mansion. The Pittock was the home of Henry and Georgina Pittock and is located in Portland, Oregon:

“They began planning and designing their new home in 1909. The mansion was completed in 1914, replete with stunningly progressive features including a central vacuum system, intercoms, and indirect lighting. The house also creatively incorporated Turkish, English, and French designs. In keeping with their loyalty to their home state, the Pittocks hired Oregon craftsmen and artisans, and used Northwest materials to build the house. The final estate included the mansion, a three-car garage, a greenhouse, and the Italianate gate lodge servants’ residence, all situated on 46 acres of land almost 1,000 feet above downtown Portland.”

The Pittock celebrates its Centenial in 2014 and various renovation and sprucing efforts are underway, and the bathroom renovation is among them.

The background color is Garrison Red, chosen to tone in with the wood floor. The band is a custom umber. The corner element was designed by us and is period appropriate take on a dogwood flower.

Corner View

In Situ