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Victorian Kitchen Remodel

One of the most complex patterns we have ever created was made for the Eugene Field House/St Louis Toy Museum. The house was the boyhood home of Eugene Field, who is beloved to this day as the “Children’s Poet” and widely known as the “Father of the Personal Newspaper Column”. The house was built in 1829. The Field House was designated a National Historic Landmark in 2007. It was opened December 18, 1936 as the first historic house museum in St. Louis. The Museum is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and has also been named a City of St. Louis Landmark.

The museum underwent renovation in the mid 2000’s and the renowned historian, William Seale, consulted on the renovation. He created a sketch of floorcloth pattern he thought appropriate for foyer, based on an encaustic tile pattern of the era. He also specified the color palette.

Pattern Sketch

We designed a set of six stencils, requiring a total of nine placements, to create the pattern.

Eugene Field House Entry

We really loved the pattern and dabbled a bit with other color combinations - a good demonstration of how dramatically a design can shift based on the palette used.

Recently, we were contacted by Chris and Audry Bond who were just completing a renovation of a 1906 Victorian in Southeast Portland. They loved the palette we used in the first image, above, and thought the design would be just right for the kitchen. Every detail of their renovation is remarkable. The stove is a Real Economy, one of the first gas stoves produced. The lighting fixtures are all refurbished original fixtures. The ceiling is a wonderful tin design. The sink was found at a local salvage house. They even have a working phone from the early 1900’s. All of the hardware is vintage. The floorcloth fits right in.

Here are some images of the floorcloth in production:

Stencil Pass 1

Stencil Pass 4

Stencil Pass 6

Here are two photos of the floorcloth in the Bond’s fabulous kitchen:

Bond Kitchen 1

Bond Kitchen 2